Raising the Bar

At Lamco Design we continue to set the bar far above any other manufacturer. We can work to suit your budget, whilst never compromising the quality of the fundamental components.

With so much choice out there, selecting the right material can be a daunting prospect. We are here to inform you of the options and help you through the selection process, ensuring that the finished product will totally suit your home and needs. Our customers come to us expecting furniture to be made to the highest standards, using the best materials and components. This comes as standard on all Lamco Design pieces, plus with our MisuraEmme Italian furniture collection.

Exceeding expectations since 1981

Lamco Design was established over 35 years ago as a small, family run furniture design company. Today Lamco is still owned and run by the same family, who have seen their hard work take their company from strength to strength. Quality, design, innovation, and above all ‘reputation’ are of utmost importance to small firms like Lamco Design. Larger manufacturers, that are owned and run by share holders, may look at each aspect of the business to find ways of reducing their costs for the biggest profit margins; this will certainly have an effect on the end product.

For the team at Lamco, their craft is a way of life and a real passion. It is not just a business. We have designed and fitted furniture for homes ranging from small New Forest cottages to some of the most state of the art, luxurious developments in southern England. From the initial surveying of the room, no short cuts are taken and our professional and experienced team ensure the highest level of accuracy and detail are met throughout the process.

Our reputation is everything
Since 1981 we strived to build the strongest of reputations for quality and exceptional customer service.
At the cutting edge

We work very closely with arguably the top interior designers and architects in southern England. We are constantly pushing our manufacturing capabilities forward for our clientele who have an eye for beautiful furniture. Our workshop is constantly updated with the most state-of-the-art machining tools which, when combined with a traditional joiner’s skill set, allow for the creation of cutting edge pieces.

We have much experience in designing and manufacturing innovative pieces for large trade contracts who are aiming their developments at the very top end of the market. This experience puts us in a unique position, to offer truly stunning and practical tried-and-tested furniture solutions to all. Whether you’re looking for a single item for a room in your home or a complete interior design makeover, innovation comes as standard.

See what we can do

At our base in Poole, Dorset we have an extensive showroom featuring a range of our latest furniture, from fitted wardrobes to TV units and lounge furniture. It is here that you can experience first hand what makes our pieces different to those from other manufacturers. Each part of the item’s construction is on show, enabling you to get a great idea of how the end product will look and feel within your own home.

We have an open door policy to our workshop, which is directly next door to the showroom. We are proud to be able to show you our state of the art machinery that is used to produce your bespoke furniture to one-tenth of a millimetre accuracy and to edge with laser precision.

Our Installation Service
For the most precise fit

Installation takes time, experience and an exacting attention to detail which is why at Lamco Design we take an uncompromising approach to fitting all of our furniture. Unless correctly fitted it does not matter how well it is made, the final finish will be compromised by the smallest oversight.

All of our installation team are fully qualified, as well as being fully insured. They are direct employees of Lamco Design and not sub contractors. You can be sure that every individual from Lamco Design who enters your home will treat it with the care and respect it deserves. All of our installation team are long standing employees who have done a minimum of 3 years workshop experience learning the trade before they are ready to be an official installer for Lamco Design.

Bespoke at its best
Nowhere else does bespoke furniture reach such exemplary standards of style, quality, precision and innovation.
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