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Homify Walk In Wardrobes


The modern Walk In Wardrobe; where clothing and accessories are displayed and become a statement in their own right, perfectly accented by beautifully styled structures. The walk in wardrobe is a place of high fashion and pure individuality.

Homify LogoHomify is a hugely popular online resource for seeking home and lifestyle inspiration. Designers, manufacturers and retailers upload profiles to showcase their latest and best work which is searchable by category. The Homify Ideabooks are articles featuring the most interesting and impressive pieces, so whether you’re looking for ideas for your new kitchen or general interior design advice, this is the place to go.

At Lamco Design we are constantly pushing the boundaries and are at the forefront of modern furniture design, as such we often have our pieces featured in the Homify articles. Our latest inclusion is with our MisuraEmme Italian Walk In Wardrobes, for which we are the UK importer. Featured on the Italian Homify website, linguists amongst you can read the full article. Otherwise read on for the low down on walk in wardrobes.


Walk In Wardrobe


The MisuraEmme Millimetrica Walk In Wardrobe was designed by Ennio Arosio, a very well known Italian designer. His approach leads to solid designs that have responded to the needs of the ever changing ways of modern living. Clean design, attention to detail and the use of quality materials are the fundamentals of all of Ennio’s work, his relationship with MisuraEmme being founded upon these common traits. The Millimetrica walk in wardrobe offers great versatility thanks to the huge range of accessories and pieces that it can be paired with. Combining different compartment types, large and small shelves, drawers, bars and more allows for the creation of a truly unique space, fitting perfectly with your room and your needs. We have installed the MisuraEmme Millimetrica Walk In Wardrobe in many customer’s homes and new developments. Click to see more examples of the MisuraEmme Walk In Wardrobes.

Walk In Wardrobes


The Walk In Wardrobe of your dreams.

Like a bespoke furniture design showroom in your own home, tailored to your exact needs. Glass sliding doors open onto a bronze container system, with subtle accent lighting highlighting your best clothes. This is a place to spend time, selecting the perfect dress for the evening and the necklace that will impress. This is another example of the stunning MisuraEmme Millimetrica Walk in Wardrobe. For more information and inspiration, head to our brand new MisuraEmme Website.


We design and fit walk in wardrobes across Dorset, Hampshire, Devon, Somerset, London and the South. For more information and to see more examples of our walk in wardrobes in Hampshire, click below.


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