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MisuraEmme USA


MisuraEmme have been rapidly growing their presence in the USA for the last year and a half. The brand’s unique and stylish furniture has been an instant hit in the US market, and with the opening of brand new exhibition spaces across the country and new contract projects agreed, MisuraEmme USA is set to go from strength to strength.

The Italian furniture firm entered the USA only a year and half ago, with their unprecedented development plan seeing them increase their presence in the country exponentially. The cities of Miami, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles have been selected to home the latest exclusive showrooms of this iconic furniture. The company aims to build a country-wide network, with a commercial network covering all of America’s main cities. MisuraEmme creates high-end furniture for the living and night areas, plus have made relationships in the US with operators from the kitchen distribution channel. This has allowed them to work with interior designers and top architectural firms to carry out large scale design contracts, helping to establish a firm following within the country.

MisuraEmme USA
Walk In Wardrobe

MisuraEmme’s modern, minimalistic and elegant designs are created by combining manufacturing craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology; a combination that we live by at Lamco Design. The US was drawn to the company’s best sellers such as the Millimetrica walk-in wardrobe and the iBox cabinet system. The latest designs to come from this Italian furniture maker are created with both the European and US markets in mind. For example, the eco-leather fronted wardrobe called the ‘London’, which we introduced and displayed at the 2015 May Design Series. We’re very excited to have played a part in bringing this stunning fitted wardrobe to the market and expect it to be very popular.

We are the UK retailer for the Italian furniture company MisuraEmme. Our bespoke furniture design projects often include pieces from the iconic MisuraEmme range and we work closely with the company to test and introduce new concepts to the marketplace. To see some of the stunning ranges on offer, take a look at some of the MisuraEmme walk-in wardrobes or bookcases, to name but a couple, that we have fitted across the South.

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