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Room dividers can help to create an open-plan feel in a room, yet enable you to separate different areas when required. Our bespoke room dividers can be tailored to your exact specification and finished to the highest possible standard.

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Our innovative bespoke room dividers can divide your room into distinct areas, whilst still allowing the natural flow of light and providing an open-plan feel.

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Innovative and stylish bespoke room dividers to enhance your home.

Room dividers can be used to stunning effect in modern homes and offices. Within an office the room divider can allow the flow of natural light and allow the team to work privately at one moment and collaboratively the next. Exciting new floor plans are made possible, facilitating an increase in productivity and creativity. At home your living and working areas can be divided, or walk-in-wardrobes or TV rooms separated, whilst maximising the feeling of space.

We offer Bespoke design of room dividers across Dorset, Hampshire, Devon, London and further afield. There are numerous options enabling us to create a room divider that will perfectly suit your tastes and needs. Frame finishes include natural aluminium, glossy aluminium, anthracite aluminium, and real wood. The range of inserts includes coloured glass, smoked glass, mirrors and acrylics. We source a huge range of the very best materials from around the world to bring you a truly unique and high-end product.

We are a well established family run business that has been leading the way in bespoke furniture design since 1981. We pride ourselves on offering a huge range of the latest finishes available, testing new materials and developing new ways of integrating them within our designs.

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Room Dividers London

In the urban penthouse or industrial conversion, the room divider can offer something very special. We design, manufacture and install room dividers for customers across London. Contact us to make an initial enquiry.

Room Dividers Hampshire, Devon, Dorset

We are based in Poole, where we design and manufacture bespoke room dividers for installation around Dorset, Hampshire, Devon, Somerset and the South. Whether considering a room divider for your home or office get in touch to discuss the options.

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