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Privacy Policy

We take very seriously the protection of any personal data and at no time is this passed to a third party for marketing purposes. On a rare occasion it maybe necessary for us to share the information with subcontractors and other people who help us to provide you with products and services.

The types of personal data that we collect and use.

Full name and personal details including contact information, email address, and home, business and mobile telephone numbers. Full details of products and services you have requested us to quote for and/or supplied and any relevant data necessary to allow us to complete the contract or order. This could include drawings and pictures taken before and after. Your personal details may be obtained through enquiry forms that you submit through our website, email and phone communication or in person.

Our guidelines is for all information to be held for 12 months unless you have told us that you no longer want to go ahead and then the information is destroyed. If you want us to hold on to the information for a longer period, please contact us.

Should we have supplied you with any products, we will hold on to the information for 7 years maximum unless we have a legal obligation to hold on to the information for longer.

Any information could be held on our IT for longer periods. We are also aware that we hold some data including pictures and to protect your identity no personal information is shown in these instances.

If at any time you have paid by credit card, the only record we would keep is the credit card receipt produced by the terminal. One copy is sent to the client and the other copy is attached to the invoice. Other than the few times a credit card receipt is scanned and emailed to the customer no other record is held on the IT system. Please note it is normal practice for us to post the receipt. We work with Barclay card Security Manager (PCI DSS) to prevent fraud.

Under the new data regulations you have the right to check with us exactly what information we have as well as the right to request a copy of the data. You also have the right to have the data rectified should it ever become out of date and the right to have the data erased at the end of the enquiry or warranty.

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Our website uses various cookies to store personal data such as your IP address. We also use services such as Google Analytics, who use cookies to track information like what web pages you visit so that we may learn about our website to improve user experience, plus to show relevant adverts to you as you browse the web.

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Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us in writing addressing any mail to Lamco Design Ltd, Unit B1-B2, 50 Waterloo Road, Poole BH17 7LG.

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